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Lunar Digital Assets 
Employee Handbook

Strictly Confidential

I’d like to personally welcome you to the team. It’s an exciting time for Lunar Digital Assets as we continue to grow, we strive to remain as adaptable, motivated and responsive to our new employees as we are to our customers. We pride ourselves on being recognized by many in the blockchain industry for our skills, as well as our resiliency, and openness to new ideas. We’re glad to have you on board!

We’re continuously transforming the way we operate to improve our ability to innovate, expand, and make our clients not only be happy, but successful. Our employees and partners have continued to meet the challenges of the blockchain field, including a year-long brutal bear market; despite the setbacks, we have excelled. We are very proud of where we are today and excited about where we are headed. 

Before I finish, I’d just like you to know that you, as part of our team, are our most important and greatest asset. We could not accomplish what we do every day without our employees. I’m very pleased to welcome you to Lunar Digital Assets and look forward to working with you!

Han Yoon, CEO

About Us

Who We Are

Our company values, objectives and philosophy are a direct reflection of the kind of culture we want to inspire: where everyone involved is not scared to take initiatives and is driven to create a positive impact on the world by helping the proliferation of decentralized technologies by creating tools, helping projects, and spreading knowledge. 

It takes drive, creativity, and a passion for solving tough challenges (and we mean tough). We need self-starters, adaptable workers, and most importantly– passionate workers. Passion for your work, as well as passion for blockchain technologies and the decentralization of our world.

Simply put: we strive to be the best. And we’re looking for more like us. You can be the next superstar that will not only grow withLunar Digital Assets, but this young industry as well. And at the end of the day, you’ll have a sense of achievement and pride.

Our Vision: The traditional financial system is long-due for a massive disruption. In the way that the Internet has revolutionized access to information, digital assets and blockchain tech will revolutionize access to financial freedom, away from banks, governments, and corporations. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are on the cusp of revolutionizing the world in unimaginable ways. Not only the way in which we store and transfer value, but how we build transparency and trust as a society, reduce fraud and keep accountability, and ultimately, creating a more fair and equitable world through the decentralization of power.

Our Mission: We want to be at the forefront of this revolution by providing unique services for carefully vetted projects, publishing insightful research, and creating tools and platforms to help accelerate the adoption of digital currencies and assets. 


Our Three Guiding Values


We Are Blockchain Enthusiasts and Educators.

Blockchain technology is essentially an attempt at taking back power from central authority figures and re-distributing back to the people. We are in the midst of a pivotal moment in history, and we are absolutely excited to be at the forefront of it.


We Are Researchers, Analysts, and Investigators.

We owe it to ourselves to work on things we are passionate about. If you’re passionate about something, you’ll always want to learn more, do more, and help more. With that in mind, we strive to build the best tools and services, the best community building initiatives, the best insights and research into the industry, and to expose fraudulent projects to protect consumers.


We Are Builders, Inventors, and Innovators.

Whether it be a software tool that we’re writing or simply a marketing proposal for a client, we take huge pride in being innovative. We are flexible and adaptable, using creativity and experience to make a positive impact on the industry. We have achieved various feats that no other company has managed to do during the “great crypto depression” of 2018.

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Where We Came From

Four friends in a room with an idea for a crypto fund.

November 2017

Pivoted our mission to become a service provider for the decentralization movement.

January 2018

Hired our first employee… who is now the President!

March 2018

Unveiled our Lunar Labs platform and our automated trading algorithms at BlockchainNW.

June 2018

Lunar Marketing launches and quickly excels.

July 2018

Lunar Digital Assets CEO, Han Yoon, named #11 in Entrepreneurs’ list of “Top Entrepreneurs and Visionaries of Today.”

August 2018

Our firm helps two projects achieve what 97% of ICO’s failed to do that quarter: reach the crowdsale hardcap.

October 2018

Lunar Digital Assets Hosts First Crypto & Beer Event Featuring CPChain, Everipedia, Unification, and Chromapolis.

November 2018

Still kickin’ ass. 

Present Time

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Company Structure

Regardless of the structure, we are proud of being a very flexible and adaptable company. That means there are no real ‘bosses’. Everyone can have a meeting with anyone. Anyone can make a major product suggestion. Everyone can play a part in a department they are not officially in. We try to focus less on the title but more on the output of work.

The Three Pillars of LDA

We have fun.

Your First Days

You’re Hired – What’s next?


Your First Day


Your first day will be fairly slow. First, you’ll sign all the paperwork and read this handbook while we set up your email account and invite you to all the tools we use!

Then, as tradition, you’ll have a chance to introduce yourself to the whole team by sending out a company-wide email (ask your director for the email).


Your First Week


Make mistakes. Ask questions. Keep bugging your director. 

We also encourage you to talk with everyone! Share your perspective on where you think you can provide the most impact to the company, and as we said earlier: ASK QUESTIONS! Remote working can be hard, for both employees and the directors.


Your First Month


By the end of your first month, hopefully, you’ll be ready to dive into projects head first. You’ll know what you should be doing, and are well-acquainted with how we operate. You will have learned a lot and you will have taught a few things too.

If not, that means we have failed as a company to properly train you. Let us know how we can improve in communications and delegation – this is crucial!

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Everyone is assigned a director, depending on your role in the company. Your director will show you the ropes over the first few weeks. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you can.

The first week is intensive training, with a couple weeks after for questions here and there. By the end of the first month, you should be fully prepared to do your job without having to have someone tell you what to do.

Tools We Use


Google Suite












Proprietary Software

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Who Should I Contact For X? 

If you have general questions (or aren’t sure to ask), ask your director. Otherwise, please ask your question directly to who you think could answer it best.

Sales Leads
John Doe 
[email protected]

Jessica Smith
[email protected]

Sarah Lee
[email protected]



Absence / Lateness Policy

Absences: An absence in our case would be no work completed in a 24 hour period on a workday.  You are given the freedom to set your own hours, but that does not mean absences go unnoticed. Absences without communication are serious offenses and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Multiple offenses can end in termination. 

Lateness: We have weekly meetings (sometimes multiple) that are mandatory. There is a five minute grace period until you are considered late. Multiple offenses can result in disciplinary action.

If you know ahead of time that you will be absent or late, provide reasonable advance notice to your director. 

How much vacation time do I get?

We offer unlimited vacation days (within reason)!

Vacation days must be approved by your supervisor two weeks in advance and will be decided on factors like current workload, your performance, the time of your last vacation, and the longevity of the requested time off.

How many sick days do I get?

We offer unlimited sick days. But since we are currently a remote company, we expect you to get urgent tasks finished unless you are deathly sick.


By nature, we deal with confidential and sensitive information about our operations and our clients. Everyone on the team is expected to keep these secure within the company.

It is required that all information about Lunar Digital Assets, its clients and other employees be kept strictly confidential. The release of confidential information, whether intentional or unintentional, can injure Lunar Digital Assets and those individuals associated with it.

If an employee is unsure if something is confidential, or has any questions regarding the employee’s responsibilities in dealing with or releasing confidential materials, please ask your director.

Please refer to our NDA for more information.

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

We work in an incredibly demanding service-based industry. We can’t afford to spend our days watching cute cats. Get your tasks done, go above and beyond if you want to be considered for a promotion, and constantly be in communication with your director. 

We do not track your hours with a time-stamp system, and we would like to keep it that way. However, if we have a reason to believe that you are not putting in the required hours, we reserve the right to require you to clock-in and clock-out every work day.

Good to Know’s

What times do people work?

You can set your own work hours, as long as you are getting your tasks done in time and putting in the required hours.

However, there will be mandatory team meetings which you must attend, so please be attentive of the meeting times.

Team Outings and Conferences

It’s important for us to get to know each other as a team and as people, inside and outside the office. These are work events and all employees are expected to make a conscious effort to attend. Although our workload is usually very heavy, we try our best to plan as many activities as possible. These include retreats, as well as networking events such as “Crypto and Beer.”

We also try to travel to conferences when given the opportunity. All employees are welcome to attend, unless otherwise stated. Airfare may or may not be compensated depending on the event. 

How often are performance reviews held?

They are held on a case-by-case basis. 

Company Expenses

Every employee is compensated for any expenses paid out of pocket for work-related matters. You are expected to keep a copy of the receipt or invoice. 

For non-urgent expenses, you must first get approval from your supervisor. Use common sense.

Urgent Expenses:

  1. Buying a microphone for an event which we forgot to bring.
  2. Client’s website goes down because of a forgotten payment.
  3. Ethereum flash crashes to $1 and you managed to buy the dip.

Non-Urgent Expenses:

  1. A subscription to a tool that you think would help our company’s efficiency.
  2. Airfare to meet a client in New York.
  3. Printing a banner for an upcoming tradeshow or event.


Getting Paid

Most employees are paid twice a month, the first and fifteenth day of the month. 

We pay via direct deposit, check, PayPal, Bitcoin, or Ethereum depending on the available liquidity and market sentiment. 

Performance Bonuses
Employee of the month may be eligible for a small bonus. As well as employees who were brave enough to take initiative and create something awesome for the company. However, bonuses are not guaranteed and are only given if finances in the company are going strong. 

Project Bonuses
Employees that contribute to a project will receive a bonus from the pool of co-workers that was also on the project. The weight of the bonus will be determined by the directors in accordance with your performance. 

Candidate Referrals

If you know (or meet) someone that you think would be a great fit at our company, please refer them! All you need to do is give their contact information to the hiring director of your department and if we end up hiring them, you’ll get a juicy bonus of $1k*.

* The hired employee must be with us for at least 6 months for you to be eligible for the bonus.

Client Referrals

If you know (or meet) a project or company interested in our services, you will be given a referral bonus* depending on the size of the contract signed. This bonus can be anywhere from 2.5% to 10%.

* Business development employees excluded.


In addition to flexible working hours and multiple referral programs, it’s our policy to provide a combination of supplemental benefits to all eligible employees. In keeping with this goal, each benefit program has been carefully devised. These benefits include time-off benefits, such as vacations and holidays and creative freedom. 

At the moment we are unable to provide health insurance benefits, as we are a startup. However, as soon as we are able to, providing health insurance benefits will be a top priority. 

On the other hand, because we are a startup there are tremendous opportunities to grow with the company and “climb the ranks” fast. Superstar employees may be rewarded with company shares (equity) if they are promoted to a director level. The number of shares will be decided on a case-by-case basis decided by the company executives.

Fun Fact: Our current COO, Erwin Wang started off as a journalism intern!

If employees have any questions regarding benefits, they should contact the office manager.


At Lunar Digital Assets, most employees are not expected at work for: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

However, due to the worldwide nature of cryptocurrencies and the need for 24/7/365 services for some of our clients, you may be requested to work on a certain holiday. Employees that notify their supervisors that they are able to work on a certain holiday will be compensated with a bonus for their time.

Welcome to Team Lunar

We’re thrilled to have you, and hope that you will grow with us in this exciting industry!