June 9, 2018

NEO: The Chinese Ethereum

Dubbed the Chinese Ethereum, NEO has been touted by many as one of the most promising blockchain protocols to gain widespread adoption amongst developers. It started […]
May 28, 2018

EOS — Fundamental Analysis & Mainnet Release

We are nearing 12 months of the EOS ICO launch date, and the upcoming mainnet launch of EOS is just 10 days away. Many are touting […]
May 16, 2018

Cardano (ADA) – Fundamental Analysis of a Smart Contract Platform

  Bitcoin is blockchain 1.0 because it was the first distributed ledger. Ethereum is blockchain 2.0 because it was the first platform for developers to create […]
May 10, 2018

Zen Protocol: Fundamental Analysis & Testnet Release

Overview of Zen Protocol “Our driving motivation in creating Zen is the belief that people have a right to own their financial assets, and we feel […]
March 27, 2018

YGGDRASH (YEED) — “Blockchain 3.0” Fundamental Analysis

What problem is YGGDRASH trying to solve? Referring to itself as Blockchain 3.0, YGGDRASH dreams of a world where every product and service is connected. It […]
March 14, 2018

Analysis of Smart Contract Platforms: Part 1

What are Smart Contracts? Smart contracts are means of facilitated transactions that work on the blockchain, through executable contracts written in code. The term smart contracts […]
March 2, 2018

OmiseGO: Bank on OMG in 2018

What is OmiseGO? OmiseGO is a cryptocurrency with technology that provides encompassing solutions for financial institutions and the public at large. Operating in Japan, Thailand and […]
February 22, 2018

Wanchain: Cross-Chain Transactions for a Distributed “Super Financial Market”

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